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Warframe betime story
Once upon a time, in the far future, there was a clan of wariors with magicall powers, they called themselfes 'Tenno' and they fought for peace in our solar system, their enemies weren't dump like mostly in bed time stories, they were frightening and powerfull, there were three factions, The Grineer, whom posessed of cloning technology and chemicall weapons, the Corpus with incredible machinery and worst of all, the infestation, a virus, that rapidly spread and consumed any being it has met with, turning it into an abomination it was an ancient weapon designed by the Orokin, that backfired and put powerfull empire to an end. The Warlord, their leader, once decided to put an end to Infestation, to do that, he had to go to the very begining, the leader, the head, to the Lephantis, three-headed monster, every infested creature, every spore was steered by them. The Warlord chose the most powerfull of the Tenno, and they moved on the beast. They found the wreck
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Tails Doll - I'm a piwet! by EnderCorePL Tails Doll - I'm a piwet! :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 4 23
Tails Doll - I just need some love
Hello... My name is... I can't remember... People call me 'Tails Doll' for some reason... And scream at me as I approach, I don't know how it happened, but it seems it had to... I'm... I WAS 11 years old boy, who met with terrible fate... And now everyone's afraid of me, an unlucky child soul trapped inside of a doll. But maybe if someone will hear my story, I will find a home... On my 10th birthday, I've got an unusuall doll or rather plushie of a fox, I think it was in some game, it had twin tails, his feet and hands were attached to it's body with metal rods, just like a red crystal on it's head, everything, of course, made out of plush. I don't know why, but I loved the doll, took it everywhere I went, sometimes even to school, I slept at night and played with it all day, I made it a little cone-hat for my 11th and had a lot of amazing moments with it! I won't fill the whole page with memories useless for this story, I'll try to make it quick... Once, I heard screams of my parents
:iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 2 4
Chasy bunnies by EnderCorePL Chasy bunnies :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 4 19
Five losts at Freddy's part 6 - Eerie feeling
Soon enough, it turned out how lovable creature Aiko is, everyone, children, parents, and even Mike loved her! Also, Mr.Gero lived to have his grandchild, he didn't care it's a robot, he never did, he gives love to someone, and they give the love back, this is all that matters for him.
Getting back to the story, Kamiru finally felt calm, but that just couldn't last long, today the meerkat strongly felt, that something terrible is about to happen. He would never tell it his fammily though, he didn't want them to worry about something, that can't be sure. Allthough, he keeps full awarness.
"Look at our child!" Chica hugged Foxy while watching Aiko playing with kids from behind the curtain "She's so adorable, kids love her! Oh, is this the ultimate happiness, which Kamiru spoke of?" She smiled brightly
"Aye, me beauty!" He smiled back "Me think it be!" He suddenly grabbed Chica on his hands like a bride and kissed her beak "Ye're me happiness, ye allways be"
Chica giggled and kissed back.
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Fillia by EnderCorePL Fillia :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 8 14 :OC gift: Bunny-maid by EnderCorePL :OC gift: Bunny-maid :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 3 20
[Gift] Marriage
"No, no, no, no!!" Bonnie shouted, blushing as he never did before "I don't... I Won't... I..." He couldn't say a word properly
"Oh, come on! Everyone's waiting for you out there! Do it! At least for Brian, okay?" Kamiru tried to Convince the stupborn bunny while pulling him thorwards the altar
*Why have I agreed for it...* The Bunny thought " 'Everyone' you mean Brian and..." he gulped "B-Bon?"
"Indeed!!" Kamiru confirmed, purely excited "Now, go!"
"But..." Bonnie felt his tail burning "Aaaaaagh!!!" He suddenly ran onto Bon
"Not yet~~" She giggled and winked to Kamiru, who waved back with a flame in his right hand
Now there was no turning back for shy purple bunny, he backed away to proper place and looked down on Brian standing on a little chair with a big, childish grin
"Bon-Bon, do you plomise Bonnie to love and cale fol him in sickness and pain, fol evel and evel?" The yellow Bunny spoke, he didn't know the exact words, but nobody actually cared, it was still adorable
"Yes, I do!"
:iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 2 5
A couple of tired by EnderCorePL A couple of tired :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 7 19 You're so cute! by EnderCorePL You're so cute! :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 6 19 Dare by EnderCorePL Dare :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 1 4 Stamp base by me by EnderCorePL Stamp base by me :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 3 0 Science Is My Religion Stamp by EnderCorePL Science Is My Religion Stamp :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 6 9 Playing with fire by EnderCorePL Playing with fire :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 4 15
Five losts at Freddy's part 5 - The child of stars
Few months has passed after that dream... All the bad feelings, sighs, they just... Dissappeared, suddenly like a bubble popping in an blink of an eye, they're gone, and I hope they won't ever return. Allthough, I got the feeling, that there's something more to it, like a tale without the ending wrotten, and actually that makes sence, look, there was only those feelings, dreams, but everything started with those tapes, that I wanted to find the murderer in, and that wasn't ever done. Allthrough this, I had no time to stop and think for a while, what if this murderer died before doing it? What if a ghost has killed those children, but let's be honest, does that even make sense? Ghosts shouldn't hurt nor kill anyone, their unphysicall bodies or energy shouldn't let them! So what's actually going on here? I have so idea... I think I will  just shut up for a while and let the tale narrate itself... Oh, I allmost forgot, Bonnie, he's fine, and I'm happy about it, the rest of the crew a
:iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 1 6
Giving you my heart (Request) by EnderCorePL Giving you my heart (Request) :iconendercorepl:EnderCorePL 8 22



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Call me Kamiru ^^
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
There was darkness, and then I woke up here, in the Aperture Science Enrchment Centre. I can't remember my "ogranicall" life before I got turned into a core, did I even had it? Or it's just a werid feeling, that other cores and turrets hide something away from me. Anyway, my job in Aperture is second defence line, I kill all intruders that manage to get here without premission or at least any important reason, If it's an animal or some lost creature, I wash it's memory and let it go.

Known pshychological problems:


-Asperger syndrome


-Foxica obsession!!! x3

Welcome :3 by Heiwa98 Yes, I like MLP >v< Don't like? Don't browse, don't hate!

My OCs:

Kamiru, main OC/fursona

New Kamiru style drawing! by EnderCorePL


Brian bunny by EnderCorePL


Aiko the rabbit girl by EnderCorePL


Fillia by EnderCorePL

My beloved DA sisters!! :3

:iconkiumii: :iconxnightymoonx: :iconfnafmangl:

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Red Letter Day: X by alphabetars

FoxyXChica | Gift by Kiumii foxy chicken by burrase FNAF World: FOXICA! by SammfeatBlueheart

Yep, obsession confirmed! x3

Red Letter Day: X by alphabetars Kamiru by menta-RR-66 Thanks :iconmenta-rr-66: For incredible drawing of my fursona! ^^

Mangiru - Kamiru x Mangle (Request) by xNightyMoonx

Tails and Cream by menta-RR-66


Plushie Collection: Tails Doll by Omnicenos Chibi Creeper by TheSilverPie

Those two cuties just want a hug! ^^

Anju by Kiumii

Sweet by burrase

Portal 2 Stamp by xXCougarXx Antichamber Icons by POOTERMAN

Okay, look, we both said a lot of things you're going to regret, but I think we can put differences behind us... For science... :thumb177492266:

FNAF - Chica Stamp by SolarFluffy FNAF - Foxy Stamp by SolarFluffy FNAF - Bonnie Stamp by SolarFluffy FNAF 2  - Freddy Stamp by SolarFluffy

Bonbon Re-desing by FNAFkitnn123 Adorable BonBon art by :iconfnafkitnn123:

Don't hate Grox stamp by ARTic-Weather


Science Is My Religion Stamp by EnderCorePL Love Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest

"Who have saved more lifes? Few grannys and a priest sitting in a church, or scientists, who found medicine for incurable diseases?"

Little Hoshi by InvokerSama Super adorable art by :iconinvokersama: :3

Mochi by InvokerSama And another one! x3

Sierra by Neytirix

Awesome people I know here:

:iconkiumii: :iconmenta-rr-66: :iconcraftymaelyss: :iconfnafmangl:
:iconcelestialcrayons: :iconask-the-bonbonnies::iconr0yal-nightsky: :iconhimemikal:
:iconmasterchica1987: :icondanadani: :icondestinystarz: :iconlonkis01:
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The list still expands! ^^
So don't worry if you're not on it though we know each other,
you may appear some day if I decide so! :D

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Catch da Tail! by SunstarXD <-- Super cute furry! >v<



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